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We are wood truss experts helping you with get the best pricing on trusses and components from local truss suppliers, truss builders, and wood truss plants for any size residential, commercial, and agricultural projects anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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Wood truss experts partnering with local builders, suppliers, manufacturers, and truss plants providing wooden trusses at the best price.

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Choosing the right wood truss is an integral part of the design process. Contact us today and our team of truss experts will assist you on getting the best prices from our truss manufacturer partners local to you.

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We partner with the best floor and roof truss plants and suppliers around the country.

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We will get your trusses and components from our partner truss plants local to your project.

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We love helping builders get the best pricing from our top quality partner truss plants that are local to them.

The Industries We Serve Although we can price and build trusses for any industry and type of wood structure, here are a few of the industries we serve in your area and around the country.

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are an engineered wood component that is a much more economical option when building. Using well constructed roof trusses can save you time and money in construction and labor costs. We have predesigned roof trusses or you can submit a custom design to our team for a quote today.

Floor Trusses

Wooden floor trusses are designed and built to support floor loads and are an eco-friendly way to build as it uses significantly less lumber than traditional stick framing. Floor trusses allow your floor to remain sturdy and level under force, long term, during frequent use. Floor trusses can also help ease the vibration of the flooring system.

Commercial Trusses

Commercial buildings often require complex commercial truss systems. We can help you select the proper truss system for your new commercial construction project. We are experts in wooden commercial trusses, structural components and materials. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you with your commercial truss needs.

Residential Trusses

If you are a custom-builder or production builder, using residential roof trusses for your client’s house is a great option for your next construction project. Wooden residential roof trusses provide efficiency, reduce waste, and provide structural integrity. Our residential trusses are made with the highest quality standards and built to exact specifications for your building needs.

Agricultural Trusses

Agricultural Trusses (or AG Trusses) are used in many machine sheds, free stall barns, and other pole buildings. Our manufacturing facilities have extensive experience building trusses specifically for the poultry industry. Wood trusses are ideal for the agricultural industry as pole barn style buildings are space efficient and affordable. Trusses can span over 75 ft. without center supports. Mono wood trusses are also very popular and can be used to expand the space of an existing building, which can be ideal for extra machinery or supply storage.

Wood Component Manufacturing

If you are have a building project with wood trusses, then you also need other wood components too. If you are a custom-builder or production builder, using residential roof trusses, or commercial trusses; your project needs do not stop there. We will help you find all of the components that you need to complete your project.

Common Questions And Tips About Building With Trusses We put together a list of common questions to ask when building with wood trusses and components.

Trusses are easily identified by their triangular shapes at the top of most buildings and structures. Wood trusses act as a key component of the building as they strengthen and support a roof or suspended platform. They are regularly used for buildings and structures with wooden frames and can custom designed to fit any project. Trusses can be used for almost any construction, from bridges to warehouses to homes. Any structure that needs to support a roof or suspend a platform will need the added strength they provide.

We put together a list of frequently asked questions customers ask before starting their building projects.

We will help you get trusses local to you by connecting you with our reputable partnering truss plants and truss suppliers. We only work with reputable and reliable truss companies to provide you with quality products at competitive pricing.
The price of a truss will vary on location and the type of truss needed for your project. The more information we know about your project, the better we c an assist you on getting you competitive pricing for your building project.
Currently we have truss partners in just about every state in the country. Most of our partners can deliver just about anywhere in the country. If we do not have a partner in your area, we will find a new company to work with and get you the trusses you need for your project.
Absolutely! We can help you get the right trusses and other wood components for your garage or shed project. We have knowledgable experts that can assist you and guide you in the right direction.
Our experts can help you get everything you need for building your pole barn. We can start with talking about trusses as a solid and sound roof is an important part of your barn.
The very first thing you need before starting a project is a good solid plan. You need drawings or plans to get started. Once you have those,  we can help you get the proper  materials and trusses you will need. If you need someone to help you design or draw up plans for your project, let us know and we might be able to help you get someone to assist you.
The type of lumber used in your project is going to depend on the part of the country your project is and what the truss plant we connect you with uses. We can assure you that the lumber used will be top quality lumber.
Point loading describes concentrated loading applied to the dead load calculations of a roof or floor truss that is in addition to the loads indicated in the design criteria of a project. The point loading is located on the truss top or bottom chord.

Safe loading is an additional moveable live loading applied to a floor. This loading is in addition to loads specified in the design criteria of a project. Safe loading would be to account for a future use that would be different from the building’s original design intent.

Never cut, alter, or modify a structural member without contacting the truss company who produced the trusses. Baring that, you should retain a structural engineer to provide this assistance. Any modification made to a structural member can cause significant negative consequences.
It is recommended that you buy prebuilt truss components built by a qualified truss fabricator. If you were to make your own trusses, you may not be able to provide the required calculations to local building inspectors that your “design” is correct.  There are other sources that can provide engineering calculations and specify dimension lumber and grades as well as plywood gusset plates. In the final analysis, this option would likely be more expensive than using prebuilt truss components built by a qualified truss manufacturer.
If you feel confident enough to put up the trusses yourself, you can most definitely do so. It is not necessary to hire a contractor if you don’t want to, however, this is the route that most people go.
Yes! If you have plans for your home or building or can give us some basic dimensions and other information, we can connect you with the truss plan to design trusses that will look great in the space.

Tips For Buying Trusses And Wood Components A list of common questions to have ready when shopping for trusses and wood components for your building project.

Here is a list of common questions we may ask when you contact us about your building project. Having your answers ready will not only help us speed up the process in connecting you with a truss plant close to you, but will also help us find you the best possible solution and pricing for your trusses and wood components.

  • Are you a general contractor or a homeowner?
  • What type of project will this be? Single family home, addition, large custom building, barn, garage, porch cover, roof addition, agricultural building, commercial building.
  • Is there a designer involved?
  • Do you have a permit?
  • Do you have blueprints or stamped drawings?
  • When do you plan on starting your project?

Any Questions? Please call as: (877)533-8457

Choosing the right wood truss is an integral part of the design process. Fill out our project information form and our team of truss experts will assist you with getting the best prices from truss manufacturers local to you.

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Truss Plant Near Me has over 30 years of experience in the wooden component manufacturing industry all over the United States and Canada. We know one of the biggest struggles for people in the industry is finding reputable and quality wood truss plants near them. That is where our top leading industry experts come in to help you get pricing from local truss plants. We believe in finding you the highest quality custom wooden trusses as well as competitive pricing for your construction projects. We provide floor and roof trusses for projects ranging from small additions to large multi-family structures, agriculture structures, hotels, apartments and other commercial construction projects.

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Truss Plant Near Me leads the industry in providing you competitive quotes for your building projects anywhere in the United States and Canada. We only work with the top wood truss manufacturers and component manufacturers to assure that we are getting you the best quality work at competitive prices. We provide the necessary wood components such as roof trusses, floor trusses, joists, and rafters for your building projects both large and small. Our wood trusses are an important piece for many different projects including hotels, commercial buildings, custom homes, tract homes, apartments, remodels, and additions.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the right wood components at competitive pricing for your construction project.

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With our partnering manufacturing plants all over the country, we can create both roof and floor trusses, joists, wall panels, and rafters for any project, anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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