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Floor Truss Manufacturing Experts

Truss Plants Near Me has over 30 years experience leading the floor truss manufacturing industry all over the United States and Canada. Our wooden floor trusses are designed and built to support floor loads. They are also an eco-friendly way to build as it uses significantly less lumber than traditional stick framing. Floor trusses allow your floor to remain sturdy and level under force, long term during frequent use. Trusses can also help ease the vibration of the flooring system.

Floor Truss Benefits

Wood trusses help to distribute weight making it best for areas where large appliances are placed on hardwood floors. An open web truss is a good option where the weight is lighter and needs to absorb vibrations created walking on the floor surface. Both options offer more support than joists by themselves. Our experts have designed and installed countless floor trusses for clients, businesses, and homes all over the United States and Canada, so we know what kind of trusses to design for your particular needs.

  • Open design allows for HVAC, wires and pipes to pass through without compromising the integrity of the floor system.
  • Floor trusses make inspection much easier.
  • Our floor trusses are designed with your specific load limits in mind.
  • Floor trusses help to minimize “bounce” in the floor.
  • Easy to install, wood floor trusses placed on single story structures resulting in time saved on each project.
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Floor Truss Pricing

Choosing the right wood truss is an integral part of the design process. Please fill out your project information below and our team of truss experts will assist you on getting the best prices from partnering truss manufacturers local to you. You can also email us directly if you have any other questions. Email Us

Wood Truss Pricing

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